Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is back...and so am I

It has been quite some time since my last blog post, since Mt Mitchell Challenge a month ago in fact. It is amazing how fast time can fly leaving you wondering where it has gone.  With a busy work schedule and plenty of other things in life keeping me busy blogging took a back seat for a bit. Thankfully running has stayed strong all year, an average of about 70+ miles a week. But with spring in the air, on the trees and all around I decided it was time to bust out the camera for yet another run. With limited time in between some weekend working and plenty of chores to last a lifetime, Linds and I made a trip to Sam’s Gap to visit the spectacular Big Bald. Although the weather was warm when we left we were welcomed with foggy, misty and windy cold on the top of Big Bald with no view. I soak in the memory of what the view was like last time and made a hasty decent as I had left my shirt in much warmer sunnier sections of the trail. All in all it was a great run and felt nice to get away from the home and the bondage of chores. Sunday we made a trip to Little Pisgah which is probably one of my favorite runs in the area. I love the views, the solitude and the absolutely amazing single track. We ran amongst the turkeys, turtles and lush greenery as we ascended the route straight up to Little Pisgah. Unlike Big Bald the day prior we were greeted with nothing but sunshine and clear views as far as the eyes could see. At last, the camera was filled with footage and my mind was in another place far from the grasp of the hustle and bustle below. As we soaked in the views and the spring weather I find myself thankful for much more than the escape from life’s daily grind. I got to spend an amazing weekend with a gorgeous amazing woman. We descended the mountain side by side and reveled in the beauty of the world around us I found myself forgetting the views as I couldn’t take my eyes of the gorgeous woman running next to me. Maybe I was just trying to keep up! Good news for me that view is around all the time. So down the mountain we went and back to the world as we know it. Spring, we welcome you and thank you for the welcoming weekend. Another run, another day and an awesome time in the sunshine!