Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carvers Gap

After waking up in the cool fresh air of the mountains and enjoying oatmeal and camp coffee we packed up.  We were told about some magnificent views from this spot on the AT called Carvers Gap.  It was a few miles from the campsite and boy was it an amazing view every way you looked.  

We took a quick hike along the AT and reached Round Bald at 5,826 feet.  You were up above the fog where the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous Sunday morning.

Looking south off of Round Bald

The white blaze of the AT

Little Hump Fitness Challenge

Saturday Sept. 17th we ventured north of Asheville for a new adventure.  We met a trail running group about a month ago in Dupont National Forest and learned that they do a "crazy" run once a month.  So we thought why not?  It was 1.5 hour drive to Roan Mountain, TN.  We met up with 3 other seasoned runners around 9am.

You start the run on the Overmountain Victory Trail (OVT) running through cow pastures, avoiding cow patties and climbing fences.  It seems as if the pastures are a never ending hill until you get into the forest.  But once you reach the forest it just continues to climb.  The trail intersects with the AT and makes a quick little jaunt up a bald with unbelievable views all around you. It's a 5 mile trip up to the top, but man does it feel much longer than that.  Tim reached the top at 57 minutes, me around 1:08.  Heading back down through the forest was very technical but so much fun!  We all reunited back at the cars and cracked open a few cold ones.  Much deserving for a great day of running!!

We figured since we wanted to get away, we'd camp out Saturday night as well.  The campground at Roan Mountain State Park was perfect.  After getting all cleaned up we did some exploring with the dog, since somehow she still had energy.  Soon after we got back to camp we all crashed for an afternoon nap.

Shut In Training Run--

Saturday Sept 10th all 3 of us geared up and climbed in the car. It was a gorgeous September morning, no clouds in the sky and the sun was shining.

 We drove to the top of Mt. Pisgah and left a car and a cooler stocked with chocolate milk.  Drove back down to the bottom and off we went.  In the 13.14 miles we gained 4,716 feet, not too shabby for a training run.  The dog made the whole trip and could've done it faster than both of us.

simple adventures

In the beginning....every story has a beginning and this one started a couple of years ago when a boy met a girl. If life were only so simple...well, it is. This is a story of the simpler things in life. Enjoying each breath as you take it,  understanding life is a gift and not taking it for granted, and the list goes on. It is simple but rather vast. So we will keep this very simple. This story will chart the life of two and a half. A boy, a girl, and a dog as they embark on their adventure through life enjoying the simpler things of life. Run, drink some beer and always remember the greatest gift in life is to love and be loved. Have fun reading and hope to see you on the trail, whether its going up, down, or hanging flat its always going forward..........