Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh how they grow!!!

So the adventures have just begun with the littles.  Before they were two months old they had already gone on two mountain bike rides and a trail 5k.  The 5k was the first running I have done since the Gobbler in November. My good friend Paige convinced me to do this run with her in Greenville.  I really took for granted the running shape I was in before I had the twins.  It's crazy how hard running 3 miles and pushing two babies was.  I made it in 44 minutes.

Me and Noah, Michelle and Amelia and Paige

The mountain biking adventures has been solely on the south boundary road in Bent Creek.  Not too exciting but we're out and moving and that's what counts when you have two babes.  Tim has been towing them as it's a feat just for me to get up the hills on my own.  We hope to try other places on our bikes and explore more with them.

Noah's first time pooping in the woods

We've also got the babies into the brewery scene at quite the young age. They have two under their belt with more in the future.  

Hi Wire is their favorite!

"We must take adventures to know where we truly belong"

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  1. Awesome! Happy to see a couple of happy and healthy babies and a young family getting outdoors and living in the sunshine. Good work!