Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tanawha and a new year....

Tanawhat!!.... The adventure this weekend was set to take place just outside of Blowing Rock, NC. The first major run of 2012 definitely laid the foundation for a great year ahead. With almost 25 people taking on the Tanawha we had a great showing on a day that would have steered most clear of the mountains. Lindsey and I decided to embark on the marathon course which turned out right around 27 miles. I was nervous all week as I had some early signs of Patella tendinitis surfacing from some extra running I have been doing. I very reluctantly took two days off from running but had a great weekend adventure to look forward to as long as I was healthy. With plenty of icing and even more stretching, which is a rare occurrence for myself, I woke with healthy knees or so I told myself. It would be a casual run but there would be no lack of scenery and beauty as we would traverse yet another new section of mountain and trail.
The run started off awesome rolling over some smooth fell type hills before ascending the mountains following a more rugged, rocky and rooted route to Beacon Heights. The trail crested Rough Ridge as we stood in the shadow of Grandfather mountain and felt the cool mountain air wisp all around. The trail then descended down towards the Parkway and paralleled the Linn Cove Viaduct. After 5 hours and some gorgeous views we returned with tired legs to the finish area. Having enjoyed some new trail and some gorgeous views we were more than thrilled and happy with yet another amazing weekend adventure. The run was overall a great run, and we thank you Brandon  for putting this one. And I am happy to report the knee held up and also had some extra energy for the much anticipated Vertic-ALE run a day later, more to follow soon .We refueled at Canyons over some delicious food and beer as we reminisced the epic traverse of the Tanawha.

So far, Linds and I have travelled north east to the border of the Smokies, north to the Roan Highlands, south to Brevard, east to Linville Gorge and Mt Mitch and now as far east to Blowing Rock. With plenty of runs in and around Asheville, we have logged countless miles and hours in the short time we have lived in Asheville. Though the miles, minutes and hours can all be added, the memories are countless. We have met so many great people on our adventures we know 2012 is going to be one amazing year. Thank you everyone for the amazing time, the camaraderie and sharing in the pain and glory of the wild! Happy 2012 all and see you out on the trail and in the sunshine.

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  1. Great post Tim and Lindsey! Good work out there. See you at the next one.